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SLX 2.0

We've taken everything you loved about the Original SLX herb grinder and made it even better. Featuring a host of new features, from a new coating application to redesigned screens and teeth, now there's even more to love about SLX.

Incorporating feedback from the community, we've applied our proprietary nano-ceramic coating to every surface - inside and outside. Our coating reduces friction and resin build up, delivering an effortless grind every time. It's FDA certified and completely inert - we never use Teflon or other toxic chemicals. Even after months of use, a SLX will keep turning just like the day you got it. Learn more about the coating >

What Does Vince Erb of Erb Magazine have to say?

"The SLX grinder does exactly as advertised. No sticking. It is beautiful and functional and hands-down the best grinder I have ever used.  Great product gentlemen."

Collect pollen. More of it.

We've re-designed the screen stage to make your SLX grinder easier to use and more efficient. By eliminating the screen's threads, it lifts out without unscrewing - meaning you don't bang pollen back into the screen every time you empty your grinder. Learn more about what differentiates SLX >


Re-designed teeth for

light, feathery grounds.

SLX's uniquely shaped teeth result in an airy grind that's easier to roll and burns smoother in glass. It doesn't clump or run as frequently as herbs cut with diamond shaped teeth. But the new SLX is just as easy to grind with as always - a few turns and you're ready to go. Learn more about what differentiates SLX >

Now in pocket size.

We listened to your requests for a smaller SLX - now you can get a travel-friendly version of the perfect grinder to take on adventures. Available in both 2.4" standard size and 2.0" pocket size. Both models are 15% shorter than traditional grinders, while maintaining a deep collection chamber - another benefit of our redesigned screen stage. See the technical specifications >

What do our customers have to say about SLX 2.0?

"Does exactly what they say it does: doesn't stick and doesn't need cleaning." - Zach C, CA
"I didn't believe the original SLX could be improved. I was wrong. The new threadless screen is phenomenal." - Chris M, NJ
"I only have one thing to say. Pounds." - Josh M, Ontario
"Buy a SLX 2.0. It will be the last grinder you ever purchase." - Kylie A, NYC