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"FORM 1 - SEND A NON-SUPPORT INQUIRY" submits to our general team, not the support team.

Use this form for things like requesting info on wholesale store access, sending us a media inquiry, or other messages not related to issues with a SLX grinder you own.

"FORM 2 - USE THIS LINK TO SUBMIT A SUPPORT TICKET" is for support with a SLX grinder you own.

This form goes to our support team - they will see your request, and if you filled out the form correctly, they'll already have all the information they need to either send you replacement parts or give you advice on resolving you issue!


If you use FORM 1 to submit a support request, it won't go to the right team, and you'll still have to fill out the support request form, so make sure you're using the right form!


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Looking for where to buy SLX grinders? You've come to the right place. Find our retailers here - there's probably one in your town!


This will take you to the Urban Herb online store to complete your purchase

Urban Herb is our preferred online vendor.

UH was founded by the original inventors of SLX, so you know they're the real deal. They ship quick, and the SLX guarantee applies to UH purchases.



We get it. You want to feel how slick that coating is before you buy, or maybe you want to support your local head shop. Click the button above to see the list of stores that carry SLX products.